ECU Remapping

Add power and save fuel with a custom car ECU Remap bespoke to your vehicle. All remaps come with a 14-day satisfaction money back guarantee.

Hire car available for all bookings.

What Are The Benefits?

• Up to 30% more BHP

• Up to 40% more Torque

• Up to 20% more MPG’s

• Flat spots removed and throttle response sharpened

• VW diesel gate rollback service

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How Much Does a Remap Cost?

Our remaps start from £249

  • One on one consultation with our tuner to discuss your exact needs
  • Dealer level fault code reading before and after uploading the map to ensure your vehicle is running perfectly;
  • Fault report emailed to customer
  • Both data banks of ECU read
  • Battery stabilisation throughout
  • A custom written remap for your car – no ‘off the shelf’ maps
  • Cloud based storage of both your original and tuned file for future use
  • 14-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on all our software

Add an engine carbon clean to your booking for only £75 – restore lost power and economy.

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